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The Woman in Ocean Food Innovation Studio is an equity-free program that is organized by Hatch and Conservation International Ventures to develop aquaculture and seafood-related projects’ commercial scalability, technological readiness, and industry fit. By joining The Women in Ocean Food Innovation Studio, we have the opportunity to connect with a global network of aquaculture industry experts to validate your ideas, understand key market insights, and learn to pitch to investors and customers. This year’s studio focuses on three main areas that include Seaweed Value Chain Innovation & Improvement; Downstream Solutions and Conservation.

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This year The Woman in Ocean Food Innovation Studio has 11 cohort participants from aquaculture, conservation, and coastal communities background. Here are 11 participants :

  • Sahabat Laut Lestari (Indonesia) – aims to mitigate seafood fraud by developing TraceTales, traceability technology that records and reveals data throughout the supply process, from catching to shipping to the distribution of fish.
  • Banoo (Indonesia) – helps farmers maintain pond water quality by using an automated microbubble aeration system and real-time data analysis software.
  • Greenovator (Myanmar) – its free app, Green Way, connects farmers, technicians, agri-inputs businesses, traders, and contract farming businesses. Moreover, it is now able to connect farmers with consumers too.
  • CrabTech (Philippines) – an app that helps to identify and differentiate between different juvenile mangrove crab species to ensure farmers grow the right ones.
  • Ocean Purpose Project (Singapore) – a social enterprise that is developing the BLOO dashboard, which combines deep tech with nature-based solutions to protect the ocean environment for all aquaculture players.
  • Aruna (Indonesia) – serves as a supply chain aggregator, connecting small-scale fishers to the global market through technology.
  • Komodo Water (Indonesia) – a social enterprise that provides integrated water management solutions for communities in small islands and remote areas. They also produce drinking water and sustainable ice to support fisheries in coastal-rural areas.
  • SEADLING (Malaysia) – a pioneering seaweed biotechnology company that uses a community-based distributed farming model and bio-manufacturing technology to produce functional ingredients, additives, and supplements for feed manufacturers.
  • GOFISH-PRO (Indonesia) – transforms by-products from fish processing industries into hydrolyzed protein powder which can be used for seasoning and fortification products to enhance the taste and nutrition of food.
  • Red Barn Group (Thailand) – Develops innovative, effective, and clean treatments for the principal diseases in shrimp and other aquatic species. It has just launched a treatment based on seaweed extracts and organic acids that control EHP, WFS, and EMS.
  • Rote Karaginan Nusantara (Indonesia) – produces tailor-made innovative ingredients from seaweed that’s both traceable and sustainably sourced.

Sahabat Laut Lestari is proud and honored that our #TeamSLL Andini Kusumasari was selected to join the studio with other 10 inspired female startup and organization leaders across Southeast Asia. During 12 days of amazing programs including coaching, mentoring, field visits, business model  & value proposition development, building minimum viable products, product testing, generating initial traction, legal advice, customer discovery, marketing, and fundraising; we learn how to improve our capacity and inspiration to develop our impact at Sahabat Laut Lestari.

We are looking forward to implementing all the knowledge and collaborating our work with these networks. Once again, congratulations to all cohorts, and thanks for the amazing program from Hatch, Conversation International Ventures, ASC, all speakers, and mentors.

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