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As part of our octopus FIP (Fisheries Improvement Program) implementation, Sahabat Laut Lestari collaborates with Netra Technologies to implement and install NetraHub VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) on some sample canoe and fishing vessels. VMS installation will support our data collection process as a basis for stock assessment and habitat analysis; VMS also helps to improve fisher’s safety during their fishing activity on the canoes and boats. Currently, the data visualization from the VMS is provided by 1Wave Dashboard by Natuna.

Sahabat Laut Lestari is involved in the development and implementation of the Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) Indonesia Nusa Tenggara Timur Day octopus – diver-caught, gleaning, hand-gathered, handline, jig & spear that has been registered on Fishery Progress on June 2022. Sahabat Laut Lestari play a role as field implementor in Nangahale village, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Netra Technologies (PT Netra Teknologi Nusantara) was established in 2020 to bridge the digitalization gap in remote areas. We provide affordable satellite-based asset tracking and connectivity services so that industries in the blue and green economy all across Indonesia can be safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. NetraHub VMS is a satellite-enabled IoT device developed by Netra Technologies as VMS without any additional network infrastructure required to function, the NetraHub is perfectly suited for remote operations. It has a built-in GPS tracker and provides two-way connectivity that can be routed through Wifi, Bluetooth, or Serial.

#TeamSLL was also testing PERAHU applications that develop as port sampling tools. PERAHU will be used by the enumerators on the field to collect octopus biological data to be analyzed further to support stock assessment principles on FIP implementation.

Implementation of NetraHub VMS and PERAHU will support FIP implementation to ensure we can provide reliable data by using the most effective and efficient technology.

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