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TraceTalesTM as a trusted traceability

software solution developed by

Sahabat Laut Lestari

TraceTales™ is a trusted traceability software solution developed by Sahabat Laut Lestari for seafood processing companies to digitally capture and manage data collected through all stages, from receiving the raw materials, processing, and packaging, to the shipping and distribution cycle. Using the touch-screen input, TraceTales™ software has a user-friendly system operated within the Local Area Network (LAN), resulting in proper deployment even in areas with poor or unstable internet connection.

TraceTales™ records the data from the weighing scales automatically and the printed label containing a unique QR code is tagged along the process. When the customers scan the QR code attached to the packaging of the fish, they can see all detailed information about the origin of the fish, whether it is sourced from fair-trade certified fishermen, the processing date, the quality grade, the weights, and so on.


Stage of raw material acceptance process and fish data collection into Fish Processing Unit.


data collection of fish that have been received in the Receiving process when cut into Loin, Each Loin will have weight and grade data.


Processing Loin resulting from the Cutting process and Tracetales record data such as Product Type, Size, and grade.


The product will be loaded in larger packaging and adjusted to the grouping of products by Product Type, Size and grade.


Shipping process is give the box a packing list containing the sender’s company information, destination information, the number of boxes for each grade of fish, the amount of weight of each grade of fish (in units of kg) and is equipped with a QR Code.

There is five main process of TraceTalesTM

The application of TraceTales™ can help fisheries entrepreneurs in the process of managing fish data regularly and the use of internal Lot Code makes it easier to trace fish sources from fishing area codes, supplier codes and fish processing dates.

Main and Sub-module

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We look forward to showing you how TraceTales powerful features working, flexible modules and intuitive user experience can help you trace and manage your processing activities