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As we know that both traceability and fishery improvement project implementation is critical to ensure the sustainability of fisheries practice in the supply chain including Indonesia as one of the main seafood producers in the world. Reliable traceability software in Indonesia and an adaptive approach to fisheries management and community work are important to leverage this goal.

Traceability Software in Indonesia

The need and importance of seafood traceability programs push all stakeholders in the seafood industry to implement traceability in their supply chain. Implementing and managing traceability data is a challenging process for seafood products even if managed manually in remote areas, small-scale fishers and low infrastructure make traceability difficult to manage. Technology helps to leverage this initiative and create a reliable traceability data process on the supply chain.

Nowadays digital traceability plays an important role to support seafood traceability programs and ensure the sustainability of products and food safety issues. Sahabat Laut Lestari a leader in technology provider for seafood traceability develop and introduce TraceTalesᵀᴹ as a trusted traceability software in Indonesia as a solution for seafood processing companies to digitally capture and manage data collected through all stages, from receiving the raw materials, processing, and packaging, to the shipping and distribution cycle.

FIP to Support Sustainable Fisheries Practice

Sahabat Laut Lestari with Fisheries and Community Work and our technology also implemented FIP and fisheries certification on the ground from identifying a fishery that needs improving, forming the FIP, evaluating the fishery, developing a work plan, creating a reporting system, and implementing the FIP or certification program. We also incorporated the Fishery Progress for Fishery Improvement Project Progress Tracking Database & Tools.

By implementing fishery improvement projects and certification work on the ground, we meet all stakeholders on the fishery supply chain from government, industry, and especially fishers communities. We develop a unique approach that includes technology implementation to ensure that the project implementation could improve coastal communities’ livelihood.

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